The first post and excitement in wake of Superbowl Teaser Trailers

by B Thornton- Harwood

Welcome, one and all, to this new blog I’ve set up as part of my web research studies, and without further a do, let us begin.

My excitement for the July release of Captain America: The First Avenger has been slowly bubblying since around this time last year when rumours were circulating about who was to play the title character.

Since then Chris Evans has been cast, I nearly had an accident with excitement when stumbling across a set for the film in Black Park, Berkshire, whilst on a dog walk last summer and Evans has made the front cover of Empire.

Human Torch gets new wardrobe...

But at long last, some footage has been released!

Naturally Paramount decided to release the trailer on arguably the biggest TV watching day of the year, Superbowl Sunday and I think it looks fantastic.

Having said that, anything with that many explosions and starring Hugo Weaving is going to be my cup of tea, especially if he has extended monologues, and particularly as it’s a tie in to 2012’s The Avengers, which will see the Captain team up with an ensemble cast including Downey Junior’s Iron Man, and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, which also saw it’s trailer premier this Sunday.

Due on the 29th April, this summer is set to be big for all film and comic book geeks out there, and fingers crossed both films live up to our rather high expectations.