A chat with Pip.

by B Thornton- Harwood

If you’ve never had the pleasure before, let me introduce you, please, to Misters Pip and LeSac.

A friend of mine told me to check them out at Beach Break Live last summer and I was incredibly impressed by their live act. Upon returning home I downloaded both Angles and The Logic of Chance, and couldn’t stop listening.

Naturally in the age of stalking your favorite celebs through the social networking sites of your choice I started following them both on Twitter, and soon learnt of Pip’s interest in MMA.

Now, for a Feature Writing unit on my course we have to write 3 articles all aimed at the same publication, and with my current obsession with all things MMA it seemed only appropriate to write for a publication such as Fighters Only.

It then dawned on me that I could interview Scroobius Pip for one of my articles, so I sent an email to his PR people and was granted a brief interview with him on Friday.

So I gave Pip a call at about lunchtime and had a great chat for almost a quarter of an hour, and was tremendously surprised by both how nice he was and the amount of knowledge he had on the sport. To be honest I felt quite out of my depth which perhaps indicates I need to do a bit more research before going into my next interview but it was certainly a great learning experience and he said he’s game for a follow up interview which is always a good thing.

The final full interview will be posted as soon as I’ve transcribed the poor audio file my dictaphone recorded, hopefully within the week!