An interview with Marc Goddard

by B Thornton- Harwood

Marc Goddard, the UFC’s only British referee has had a brilliant career both as a fighter and looking after them in the Octogon after his debut in 2008 at UFC 89, but Marc’s career as a ref started much earlier.

After a successful career fighting marc says “I became injured and was due to fight on a show but couldn’t so the promo asked could you just help me out and ref and the rest, as they say, is history!”

The UFC had their eyes on him for a while, and after doing their background research decided to put Marc in the UFC 70 card, but took him off at the last minute as his fighting career hadn’t come to a halt just yet. It was then he asked himself “what am I doing?” and decided that being an official was the road to go down.

Obviously the job is incredibly stressful, with a lot resting on Marc’s shoulders and millions of unforgiving fans staring at him through their TV screens, but Marc takes it all in his stride stating “Nothing changes to me; they give me my assignments, I sit down for 5 minutes and try to clear my head, I let the fight play out in front of me, and protect the fighters. It’s simple but will never let me down”.

Marc's first main event at UFC105

Marc did mention the fight that meant the most to him was his first main event: “UFC 105, in Manchester. It was Randy [Couture] vs. [Brandon] Verra, to be given that responsibility and recognition is a huge deal as well as refereeing one of the biggest legends of the sport was a massive moment for me.”

Speaking of the UK scene and it’s ever growing popularity Marc said : “It’s seen a massive burst in popularity, at the moment we’re getting one big show a year and it shows no signs of slowing down but I think the fans would love to see more!”