An interview with Matt Vladar

by B Thornton- Harwood

Up and coming K1 fighter Matt Vladar is only 19 years old but already has a record of 3-0, his sights are set high within the sport and has aspirations of MMA glory.

Matt first started combat sports 7 years ago, with a kickboxing class at a local sports centre, since then he’s been competing almost non-stop, winning minor titles and competitions around the country before being introduced to MMA, “I joined an MMA club and I still go now and they got me into K1 fights”.

He has big plans for the future “I want to go further, have some more pro fights and work my hardest and hopefully make a living from it one day.”

He’s now training almost full time, with at least three classes and two sparring sessions a week, whilst Matt claims he hates cutting weigh he says in reality “I walk around at about 81 and have to get down to 75 kg, which isn’t too bad”

When it comes to pre fight rituals Matt is no stranger to superstition, having compulsory chicken tikka masala and garlic naan bread the night before a fight, whilst a bath is needed a few hours before entering the ring.

Matt Vladar fights W.A.K.O Great Britain team member Toby Freeman at the Genesis Martial Arts show on the 12th June