Hang The Bastard

by B Thornton- Harwood

11-10-10 The Hydrant, Brighton

As the band emerges into the 180 capacity loft of The Hydrant, Brighton, you can feel anticipation bubbling up through the somewhat smaller than expected crowd.

Known for the huge amount of shows they’ve played over the past couple of years, the band fuse a Black Sabbath type rock with hardcore or even sludge style elements along with a groove to ensure a thrash sound unlike many UK hardcore acts.

The band, hailing from London, work together on stage as an ensemble incredibly well, with no noticeable bum notes, despite their on stage moshing. It must be said, however, that the key to their live performance is front man and vocalist Chris.

It can be noted from their recordings that they are a loud band with an angry vocalist, but live his fury and aggression are barked out at the crowd in a manner that stirs up the most brutal tendencies, turning the floor into a mêlée of swinging arms and legs, fists and elbows, making it a dangerous place for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Whilst unknown to many, Hang the Bastard have a very large following of dedicated fans, which is evident from the guys standing mere inches away from the band, limbs flailing, crying out lyrics at the top of their lungs and following every order from the front man.

With an impressively loud set that 24 hours later has my ears still ringing, Hang the Bastard put on a fantastic show of UK hardcore whilst the only thing that would’ve improved the night was a more packed out venue. Had this been the case Hang the Bastard would’ve orchestrated organised chaos.