Nothing to boast about from Coast to Coast: A restaurant review

by B Thornton- Harwood

Usually I find restaurant reviews quite difficult to tackle as I find myself coming across as a sycophant, and the piece ends up looking an advertorial or like I’m trying to get myself a free meal. But not after visiting Coast to Coast.

I was super excited to dine at Coast to Coast, the restaurant recently opened where (depending on your year of study) Jongleurs/Highlight/Bar Risa once stood. I love the classic American diner cuisine, and the menu looked decent with a great range of burgers, fajitas and pizzas. The place has a nice air about it, friendly staff, a great looking bar, and little booths to eat in, all in all, it had a great Yankee feel to the place. Then we ordered food.

I opted for “spicy” calamari to start, with Laura going for the whitebait. Calamari wasn’t spicy in the slightest; in fact it had scarcely any taste at all, whilst an accompanying tomato sauce tasted just like bolognaise sauce, and did little to compliment sat next to the frankly greasy calamari. The whitebait came with tartar sauce and was fine, in saying that whitebait is pretty difficult to make a hash of.

For main I went for Louisianna “hot” wings with sweet potato fries. Again the wings weren’t hot by any stretch of the imagination, and completely forgettable, fries were nothing compared to Chiquitos sweet potato fries. Laura’s calzone was definitely a calzone but lacked any of the flavour or size that you’d get from Prezzo or Pizza Express. Also (please tell me if I’m being a snob here) how bloody difficult is it to heat up a plate before putting food on it- surely that’s hospitality and catering 101?




All of this plus a beer and a glass of wine came to a grand total of £54, which to be honest is a fucking joke. It’s a good job we had a £10 off voucher as even at £22 a head this was way over priced (especially for a student) for the distinctly average meal we had, considering if you spent £22 at Nandos you’d slip into a food coma so deep that Channel 5 would make a documentary about you, and at least the indicator of spiciness is in tune.

Overall: mediocre, forgettable food with a hefty price tag, I won’t be rushing back.

One positive I would take is the Cream soda. It’s excellent. Whenever I see cream soda (the most criminally under-rated soft drink of all time) on a menu I grab one, and this didn’t disappoint. So if you are tempted to dine here, sack off ordering food and sit at the bar with one of these badboys.