An interview with Disclosure

by B Thornton- Harwood

This is an interview conducted in December 2012, with Guy and Howard Lawrence, the two brothers that make up Disclosure. They were talking over a speaker phone in a car on the way to a show somewhere up North and were super nice, even in spite of initially referring to them as Guy and Lawrence Howard. It was featured in FRONT magazine issue 178.

Name: Guy and Howard Lawrence
Age: 21, 18
Lives: Surrey
Job : Musician
Check out: This ultra sexy, albeit unofficial video for What’s in your head

Who are disclosure?

Guy: We are two brothers who make house and garage music. We’ve been making music for about 3 years and had a really good year playing shows, going around Europe, went to America had a tune called Latch which got into the top 15 which was amazing.

How did it all begin?

Howard: we started making beats when I was 15 and Guy was 18 and then we made these two tunes, put them on MySpace when that was still cool, and they got a ridiculous amount of feedback from managers and stuff. It then got posted on a few blogs, they got released on Moshi Moshi and we’ve been doing it ever since.

Highlights of 2012?

G: We’ve had some trips to Ibiza which were amazing, our first headline show in the UK, and the tour of America was good.

What’re you looking forward to 2013?

G: We just wanna finish the album, and we should be releasing that around March. We’re nearly halfway through writing and recording it, that’s the main priority. And yeah, just keep doing shows.

Favourite place to play? Best shows or festivals?

G: Ibiza was definitely a highlight, we did some amazing shows, we played in Space which was unbelievable. We played IMS (International Music Summit, Pete Tong’s festival) on top of a castle in Ibiza which was really great. Done some strange ones in Romania, which I’d never imagined going to before. And you just get treated so well, it’s great man.

Most mental thing to ever happen on the road/ show?

H: We played a show in Romania, at the Palace of Parliament which was Ceaușescu’s (the bastard communist leader of Romania) old house.  We ended up playing a show on the roof. It wasn’t very big, the palace is huge but it was in a building on top of the roof the crowd was about 300/400 people.

G: It was so good ‘cos all the Romanian people were having a party on top of their old dictators house, and it meant so much to them- they were like FUCK YOU Ceaușescu! So that was pretty amazing.

What’s the longterm goal?

G: Mainly nail the album and hope people enjoy it, keep improving our shows, that’s it for now really, we don’t like to look too far into the future.

Sibling rivalry?

G: Nah, we’re good man, we’re more like mates, we don’t really argue about anything it’s all pretty chilled. We send a lot of time together but it’s only bickering about little things now and again but not much. A lot of people say they can’t imagine working with their brother but it takes the right kind of people.

H: We’ve never had a full on fight. Yet.

Who’re some of your influences?

G: Jay Dilla, he passed away a few years ago but he’s a massive influence, his production is insane, we base most of our mixes around him. Zed bias, another old school garage DJ and he’s made SO MANY tunes. More recent people like Burial, Joy Orbison and Floating Points too, they’re all making newer housier and they’re the main 3 that made us get into production rather than just listening to music we actually thought lets make something.

Tell us about your artwork?

G: We used it for our first ever release, our manager’s friend at art school just drew the face, and we thought that’s quite cool we’ll use that. It came to the second release and we didn’t have any money so just used it again but with a different background. After we made our Soundcloud page I started putting the face onto things I liked, like Bond girls and scenes from films and stuff, people started getting into it. It became like a brand. It’s a really happy coincidence just lucky that it worked out really nicely.

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