THIS IS THE END, a review.

by B Thornton- Harwood

The last time I wrote about a film I felt like I had a journalistic obligation to let the internet know the repercussions of going to see Keith Lemon: The Film, because some of us journalists do still hold some basic form of ethics.

Yesterday evening I went to see This is the End and, thankfully, this review holds a much more positive light over the Rogen/Goldberg penned escapade.

Basic premise involves Jay Baruchel visiting Seth in LA, and going to a party at James Franco’s house. From there what looks like the beginning of end of the world occurs with people falling into firey pits, and general chaos claiming the lives of many of the Hollywood comedy a-list.

Thankfully there are some survivors, namely Franco, Rogan, Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and last but by no means least, Danny fuckin’ McBride, each playing a semi-fictionalised version of themselves.

The film is terrific fun, and full of proper, deep, belly laughs. From what I can see it was mostly made up as they went along, and from what I know of Rogan they were pretty stoned the entire time. And by pretty stoned I mean high-as-fucking-balls-stoned

The great thing about being high up on the comedic ladder like Rogan, Franco et al are is they’re mates with loads of other really bloody funny people, and so This is the End is jam-packed full of brilliant cameos from their funny and/or famous mates; notably Rihanna, Emma Watson and a cocaine fueled Michael Cera.

Another thing is just how self aware the whole film is, as a group of friends they’re constantly taking the piss of each other, with nods to Jonah Hill’s academy award nomination, Freaks and Geeks, and a Pineapple Express sequel.

I encourage anyone who enjoyed the likes of Pineapple Express, Get Him to the Greek or Superbad, to go and see this- I’d even be tempted to go back to the cinema for a second viewing, only this time I want some of whatever Rogan was smoking.