Part one, Thailand.

by B Thornton- Harwood


Part one Thailand.

After four weeks in Thailand I’m feeling pretty broken. It’s been a pretty whistle stop tour of the South islands with highs and lows, islands I loved and ones I hated, the seedy and the stoned. It’s flown by and yet it feels like a lifetime ago that I was stood at Heathrow with a full head of hair.
I’m currently sat in a hammock in Koh Tao, using a sticky overcast day to finally get some sort of post together. So here it is, 11 things I’ve learnt after 28 days in Thailand.

Ko Lanta is wonderful;
Eat nothing but street food and spring rolls in Bangkok;
Visit the tiny floating market at Talingchan pier;
Phuket is pretty grim;
Visit Thai Thai Pad in Koh Phi Phi;
Don’t stay at the Jaya Guesthouse, its a slum;
If you can then just avoid Koh Phanang all together;
Thai blokes are mentally good at playing with fire. And all of them are mentally ripped;
If you’re going to stay in Koh Tao, and you definitely should, stay at Spicy Tao;
If you’re gonna go diving in Koh Tao, and you absolutely should must, find Rocktopus, you won’t regret it;
Sharks are fucking awesome.