by B Thornton- Harwood


Nap park hostel, very clean dorms, very central to Koh San road, good community vibe and terrific wifi. Within a 10 minute tuk tuk you can be at the ferry Port and a 150 baht water taxi will take you to Talingchan pier. Alternatively get a taxi- and always ask for the metre to be turned on and head to the Sky Bar This is where they filmed the finale for the Hangover 2, and has amazing views all across Bangkok. Now drinks here start at 600 baht- pretty much the same as you’d pay in London. But it’s one hell of an experience, and gives you a very different view of a very different city.

You should also visit the Koh San Road. Yeah yeah yeahhhh it’s a tourist trap and its full of people on holiday and isn’t the true Bangkok BUT it’s a whole lot of fun and completely different experience to party culture than I’ve seen anywhere else. For instance we found these guys, and couldn’t help but sit and stay for their entire set, the energy was amazing and they were actually fantastic performers.

Food in Bangkok I found to be hit and miss the majority of the time ordering spring rolls to accompany a Chang in a restaurant that had a decent wifi signal, the best food I had was from the street food stalls. Deliciously sweet and sticky pork skewers, tempura shrimp, miniature chicken satay, and each for between 20-50 baht. That’s less than a quid! You’d be hard pushed to find a snickers for that cheap back home.