by B Thornton- Harwood


Our trip to Phuket started off badly, being woken up by hostel staff telling you that you’re supposed to have checked out already and then realising your flight is in less than two hours is less than ideal. Especially when you were up shooting pool with a Scot and a Squaddie until the early hours sharing frozen strawberry daquaries.

Upon landing and getting to our hostel, around a five minute taxi from Patong Beach we thought we’d see what the town has to offer. It turns out all it offers is ping pong shows, seedy western men looking for young Thai women and horrendous EDM music.

After the initial culture shock of Bangkok I thought I was settling into the Thailand way of life quite quickly. But Patong and specifically the Bangalore Road was frankly revolting. It’s terrible to be so uneasy sat at a bar with your hands in your pockets unable to even enjoy your beer for fear of having your phone or wallet pick pocketed.

Whilst the unrelenting sex workers propositioning you is both irritating and deeply saddening. You can only hope that they’re there of their own choosing and haven’t been sold or trafficked into their situation. And that hope isn’t particularly high either.

One of the only highlights of my two nights there was watching a Muay Thai fight at Bangla Boxing Stadium and I’m sure Phuket has some more wonderful sights to be seen, they’re just nowhere near the Bangalore road.