Koh Phi Phi

by B Thornton- Harwood


After Phuket to get off the ferry at one of the most stunning placess I’ve ever seen allowed me to breathe a massive sigh of relief. We were staying at flower bungalows, a five minute walk from the pier. Saying that- phi phi is tiny so the maximum it takes to walk anywhere is 15 minutes.

Flower bungalows is one of the most basic dorms I’ve ever stayed in. So basic in fact we’re pretty sure the beds were just a few layers of ply board, whilst the bum gun was far superior to the actual shower.

I’m not too sure what I was expecting from Phi Phi. I had ideas of Leo in The Beach, beautiful white sands and cheap Chang, maybe some chilled out music on the beach, and a bit of bush weed with the sunset.

It sort of lived up to that, there was cheap Chang and it was chilled, but there was also a huge party vibe as soon as it got dark. Buckets a plenty, and every breakfast you’d see at least four more people with various bandages, slings and crutches hobbling past you.

The problem being with the main party beach was that it was so small each club had to turn their music up to 11 to try and get people in, which makes it incredibly difficult to just sit, enjoy a beer and talk to people. It was completely futile, and also kind of irritating when you wanted to actually have conversation with someone.

There is also a little rooftop spot called Bananna bar, who screen movies during the day and most evenings, which is great when the afternoon storm comes in. And oh boy do those storms come in quick. They also sell individual joints, which is fantastic- if that’s your kinda bag…

One evening whilst it was chucking it down with rain we watched the aforementioned Beach, and thought we’d go and visit Maya Bay the next day, where it was filmed. And to our dismay and kinda proving the point of the story, if you expose somewhere to the masses you’ll completely ruin it. Maya Bay had at least 40 long tail boats and around 400 people swarming the beach, using their selfie sticks and generally creating a mess, in a completely unsustainable form of tourism, and let’s be honest I’m just as guilty as the rest of them. It’s a damned shame.


One more thing I will say about Phi Phi is it is home to the best Pad Thai I ate in Thailand. A little place called Thai Thai Pad, has 16 covers and will give you a can of Chang and a shrimp pad Thai for 120 baht. You can’t argue with that, especially when the pad Thai has the perfect amount of peanut and that tiny bit of spice to get you a bit sweaty under the eyes. Perfect.