Ko Lanta

by B Thornton- Harwood


In light of tourism ruining Maya Bay I’m only going to write two things about Ko Lanta because it was wonderful and if I ever go back I want it to still be gorgeous. Firstly Red Snapper towards the North of the island about 5 minutes from Long Beach, is easily the best food I ate in Thailand, and some of the best food I’ve had since visiting Quebec and Naples earlier in 2014.

Run by a Dutch couple, Red Snapper serves up European Thai fusion, nestled in the woods so bring your mozzie spray. I had the biggest mussels I’ve ever seen with a cream and chorizo sauce. Another member of our party had pork with chorizo mash and a jalapeño cream cheese which was absolutely stunning.

Secondly stay at Hostel Don La Mer. It has a fantastic common room, an excellent wifi connection, hot communal showers, and quite a few solo travellers which always makes making new pals easier. Also it’s clean. Like really, really clean! It’s the little things that you really enjoy when living out of a bag.