Koh Phanang

by B Thornton- Harwood


To be perfectly honest if I was to go through Thailand again I would avoid Koh Phanang like an Ebola ridden racoon. Generally speaking it’s full of Australian and British holiday goers, who have spent a very long time in the gym and not very long at all choosing their tribal sleeve. When you have to walk down a beach wearing shoes on account of all the broken glass that’s not really what I’m after whilst travelling. But I think, and perhaps very snobbishly of me, that Phanang isn’t a traveller stop off, more the Full Moon party is a box to be ticked when passing through SE.Asia.

And I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing, thinking it would be hilarious to party for 6 days, stay on Haad Rin beach, pay through the nose for a terrible hostel, it’ll be a laugh. It was but it wears thin. And quickly. Our hostel the Jaya Guest House was frankly a slum, at 800 baht a night (around £18), it was far and away the most expensive place I stayed and with a 7 night minimum stay, because it’s a tourist trap and the owners know we have no other option but to tie ourselves in over the new year period.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had one of the best New Years eves I’ve ever had, but it’s more to do with the people I spent it with rather than the location or the music or even the portions of booze being sold. Regardless on the 2nd of January we jumped ship two days early when someone constructed a shit lasagne in the toilet making it actually impossible to have a shower in the room. That was the kind of place we were staying in, and shows the kind of company staying there.